Who We Are

Get to know Cezzie's Chews, a vending and canteen service company located in Portland, Oregon. We provide FREE gumball, FREE various vending ( with PPE options), and canteen-style services. They are filled with healthy and quality products to promote options that attribute to sustaining a healthy life. We provide gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan friendly options too. Cezzie's Chews passion and mission, in addition to sharing amazing products, is to spread awareness about Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and Sickle Cell Trait (SCT) in this area. We feel awareness and research are instrumental to the medical advancements needed in this area. Our son Cesare, has Sickle Cell Disease and it is very important for us, as his parents, to show him self-sufficiency and maintaining a humble heart. He, fortunately, hasn't had a crisis but we know those are the times he will need those qualities the most, and instilling them in him now is key. Please help and join us in educating and empowering about SCD and SCT.